What is Watchmynumbers®?

Watchmynumbers® is a highly flexible financial reporting tool developed by Executive Reporting Solutions, showing your business performance in an instant and integrating with all existing accounting and statistical software programs. Our colour coded reports provide a unique display of your extracted data, allowing for an instantaneous recognition of performance trends in your business.

If you are still preparing financial reports in black and white, you are certainly not communicating as effectively as you should be.

Before seeing the Watchmynumbers® program, even the most hardened CEO's and accounting professionals were sceptical about what the reports could do for them in management and board meetings - until they started using it.

They found Watchmynumbers® gave them access to the key elements of their diverse business which traditional reporting systems missed and put them and their staff on the same page in seconds.

Now they could clearly reflect on the past and plan for the future.

Many business owners and managers have trouble finding hot spots and damaging trends in traditional financial reports. These reports are generally hard to read and digest.

Everybody sees the same information differently. Some are visual and react to shapes and graphs; others like to read results in written text, or like graphics and colour; while most accountants love tables of numbers.

Watchmynumbers® displays the same information in six different ways, catering for every user’s needs and providing a trigger to activate your instantaneous recognition skills.

What does Watchmynumbers® provide?

Watchmynumbers® reports highlight critical issues and trends, often hidden within conventional reporting systems. These provide an overview of past, present, and future information, revealing vital trends and financial patterns that may affect the overall success of any business.

A Watchmynumbers® report measures profitability, provides advisory alerts, and creates year-end forecasts. These reports also help to monitor performance in multiple business activities, various department levels, and territories within your business.

Our methodology relates to relevant data extraction and ‘visual concepts’, enabling immediate identification of how your business is performing by merely glancing at our colour coded reports. Watchmynumbers® real value is “instantaneous recognition”.

The instant recognition of results is automatic with this unique financial reporting system!

Watchmynumbers® offers solutions for the following business questions: 

  • Do you rely on spread sheets to transport data, present reports and create forecasts?
  • Are you focusing on your critical business issues?
  • Do you know what is going right and what is going wrong?
  • Are financial reports taking up too much of your time to read and understand?
  • Are your accounting reports communicating information to management ?
    in an easy understandable fashion?
  • Are you automatically getting an updated year-end forecast?
  • Are your accounting and statistical reports showing you all of the positive and damaging trends?
  • Do your board reports take a lot of time to put together but are still hard to follow?

Watchmynumbers® extracts information people want to see and displays it in a way that allows them to see that information - instantly.

It saves hours of work for accounting managers and staff and produces reports that Company Boards and management teams really appreciate and can clearly understand at the push of a button.  

Improving a person’s capability in reading and understanding any type of financial and statistical report enables them to make the strategic changes required for their business.

Watchmynumbers® makes reading financial reports more interesting and comprehensible to CEOs, financial professionals, and people with a non-financial background.

Everyone will be able to read our simple colour coded reports. It only takes a few minutes to change the way you read your reports. They are extremely user-friendly and offer a real breakthrough in performance and commercial information reporting.

Who can change or access data?

Watchmynumbers® access protocol systems only allow authorised personnel to view or change data and reports.

If you do not want to disclose any part of our work papers, our security systems can whiteout any part (0 to 100%) you don’t want to disclose.

Once the data is loaded it cannot be changed unless you are authorised to do so.