Background of the developer

Executive Reporting Solutions is a specialist business developed by Chartered Accountant, Frank Colautti, who has been in public practise as an accountant, acted as a director, and has been an entrepreneur for over thirty years.

Frank’s achievements include 30 years as the principal of his own Chartered Accounting Firm, Director of the Console and Games Development Company Big Ant Studios (Developer of AFL Live and Rugby League Live on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360), and Director of Email Escape, one of the first companies to invent WAP Push Messaging and Email Via Voice Recognition software. He was also a former Chairman and Director of a National Children’s Charity, for over eight years.

In addition to working with corporations, Frank is currently changing the way AFL clubs are viewing statistical reports on and off the field.

Message from the developer

Like many principals of accountancy firms, Frank realised many of their clients were not reading their financial reports properly. They could not see damaging trends, nor were they actually seeing the bottom line accurately.

This realisation proved to be a turning point for the business. Years of research and development brought about the delivery of Watchmynumbers®, a reporting product that has transform the way people read financial and performance reports.

Watchmynumbers® extracts data from your financial accounting software and creates intelligent Management and Board reports, allowing you to see how your business is performing now, including those areas needing your immediate attention.

I am often asked, what makes a Watchmynumbers® report so special when compared to conventional high end reporting systems?

When you look at our Watchmynumbers® report, it feels like it is connecting to you on a subconscious level, instantly communicating information you need to know.

Management are expected to make increasingly complex and quick decisions dependent on legacy reports, forcing them to sift through piles of information to find relevant data.

Even today, and after 30 years of corporations developing financial and statistical reporting systems, they still hide a lot of the real information that points to good or bad performances.

It’s the way the numbers are presented which makes all the difference.

Watchmynumbers® recognised the need for a system that allows for clearer financial and statistical reporting.

The problems were common place in almost every business that Executive Reporting Solutions encountered. People were digging through traditional black and white financial reports looking for the most basic of information.

I saw that there was a need for simple reports with instantly recognisable messages. This led to the development of a fully integrated software tool that could produce these reports on any business trend, or results in a form that was not previously available. Watchmynumbers® has been adopted by a broad range of companies and the feedback has been overwhelming in the difference it has made to every level of these businesses.

Watchmynumbers® recognised the need for a system that allowed for clearer financial reporting.