How will Watchmynumbers® improve your business?

Companies are forced to develop various business reports, create forecasts and transport data between users with spread sheets. This makes it difficult to share information amongst staff and maintain consistency and accuracy of data.

Watchmynumbers® equips business executives with the ability to access and analysis data from anywhere, at any time and download data from your accounting and statistical systems via an API link or a spread sheet.

If you are in a retail store or on the road, key point of sale information or other statistical summary data can be transferred to a central location on a daily basis for inclusion in your main operating systems.

You are no longer reliant on spread sheets to generate management & board reports and transport data.

“Watchmynumbers® is so flexible that it can display information in user friendly work papers and summary reports, the way you like to see them.”

Benefits of using Watchmynumbers®

Watchmynumbers will help to improve your business on the micro and macro scale which will contribute to the long term success of your organisation.

Some of the benefits include:


  1. Traditional financial reports display pure data in a single dimension and are similar to telephone directories; they are bulky, complex and take time to retrieve information. Even highly trained executives and financial managers have difficulty identifying positive and damaging trends hiding in old fashioned, single dimensional reports. Like telephone directories, reports do not effectively communicate simple information executives need to know.
  2. Watchmynumbers® reports are displayed the way you want to see them. This makes the task of reading reports much easier, highlighting critical issues and trends often hidden within conventional reporting systems, saving you time and reducing stress.
  3. They are simple, clean, and substantive. Complex information is conveyed clearly in daily, weekly, 13 period and monthly reports, enabling you to see your business and make correct decisions based on sound data.
  4. Applicable to any organisation regardless of size.
  5. No need to change any of your systems. Watchmynumbers® complements and sits above your existing in house financial and statistical system via an API interface. You can choose a few or a substantial number of reports to integrate; you pay for what you use and nothing more.
  6. Instantly generating financial and statistical work papers on any numerical subject in a matter of seconds, enabling you to have vital information at your fingertips for one on one or group meetings.
  7. Methodology catering to your visual preferences such as symbols, graphs, text explanations and numerical colour coding to identify identifying positive or negative trends in your business. This year’s, last year’s, budgets, and forecasts numbers are all placed on the same page for easy analysis.
  8. Creating automatically generated forecasts on every item applicable to your business every time you run a report. All of these forecasts are based on the variation between recent activity, this year, and the corresponding period for last year or budget, with manual override when required. Forecasts can be based on recently detected trends, using time periods to create a year-end result for any type of period reports.
  9. Statistics and financial reports of your business can be consolidated at any level, including multiple and consolidated levels.
  10. Watchmynumbers® can create board reports with running commentaries from department heads, utilising written text description and a selection of ten different graphics.
  11. Analysing your reports in seconds by the effective use of colour, offering an in-depth analysis to track both financial and non-financial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These KPIs may include:
      • Sales, expenses. and profits
      • Sales by product, by customer, by location and by territories
      • All financial ratios
      • Consultancy and time management analysis
      • Staff performance targets
      • Personnel behaviour and medical ratings to measure personal health
      • Numbers of quotations, customer invoicing & enquiries, attendances, production runs, maintenance hours. and even rainfall
      • Any other statistic or item needed to measure and reflect performance
  12. Delivering an immediate picture of a business’s financial health, identifying all positive and negative issues. Clients will instantaneously recognise irregularities not previously detected via the use of conventional financial reporting systems.
  13. Using the Watchmynumbers® health alert warnings system to identify low performing areas in your business which create primary damaging trends, affecting profitability and cash flow.
  14. Providing a range of performance alerts, such as indicating a positive or negative result, performing better or worse than expected, a damaging trend has developed, management intervention is required, and the seek advice alert. Watchmynumbers® undertakes a damaging trend review for the entire reporting period, this year to last year or budget, for daily, weekly, 13 period or monthly reports.
  15. Receiving prior notice of vital issues to be addressed at meetings. Reports help to target areas requiring attention and action whilst subsequently allowing mangers to promptly reverse a potential damaging trend.
  16. Capturing and blending essential financial and non-financial statistics into a single business report to compare a cross-section of information on related matters.
  17. View business reports globally. Unlike traditional reporting systems, you will have the ability to view your information from anywhere in the world.


By utilising Watchmynumbers® you will see your business in its' true colours for the first time, every time, without fault or error.

Can you see your business?