What businesses say about Watchmynumbers®

Industrial Accessory Business 

As a Manager, Watchmynumbers® is the Business Intelligence tool l had been looking for after several years of using other non-effective BI products."

"The difference I have found is the system's ability to convert my financial information into colour coded reports which are immediately understood by my sales team and staff. Everyone is now on the same page across all departments and territories despite their lack of financial knowledge."

"My team are now motivated by seeing their results which allows them to set their own goals against expectations. Watchmynumbers® has helped us to see our business clearly and to gain a distinct 'feeling' of how the business is travelling at any given point in time."

Business Consulting Industry

After using Watchmynumbers® for a few months, we have found the system to be a very powerful and effective business tool. The system has become a key management tool in educating our team to keep an eye on their financial targets without having to be financial specialists."

"Watchmynumbers acts as a simple and consistent measuring mechanism allowing us to discuss commercial matters intelligently. We measure our progression against Last Year and Budget expectations whilst being provided with a forecasted Year-End target."

"During monthly meetings, we refer to the reports and web statistics as the primary gauge of our successes. We are planning to produce further reports to add value to our business on several imperative levels."

"Thank you for your innovation in inventing such a powerful and cost effective resource."

Credit Collection Industry

The critical issue of constantly managing performance is the heart and soul of our business. We loved the idea of Watchmynumbers® and saw the benefits that structured reporting could add to our company. The ease of implementation and speed of access was reassuring, but it wasn’t until we used the reports for a few months that we saw the real value.

The reports are perfect when used in a group environment as they help everybody focus on the numbers which display the past, the present and the future, all on one page. They are our go to documents to monitor problems spots and resolve issues.

We are now using the reports in board meetings and key departments, and now plan to implement them in other areas of the business.

We wonder how we ever worked without it.

Ziggy Frankenfeld
Head of Corporate Services /CFO
Recoveriescorp Ltd